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Triga Films, Turbo Power
Triga Films, Category-A
Triga Films, The Whole Nine Yards
Triga Films, Pitch Invasion
Triga Films, Probation 1 & 2
Triga Films, Gas Man Jack and Mates
Triga Films, Van Fuckers Extra Fuel
Triga Films, Sunday Morning Shag
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Triga Films produces British gay porn that fills a very popular gay sex niche. Hot gay scallies pounding into gay skinheads, gay football and rugby orgies, gay dads, gay delivery men, gay chavs. There are all here in these Triga gay dvds.
New Gay DVD Releases
Triga Films: Turbo Power - Gay DVD
Triga Films, Turbo Power

Get a load of Triga’s new double bill spunk fest Turbo Power. Who doesn’t love a couple of foul mouthed Turbo Powered boy racers? In part one of our latest production best mates Darren and Ste meet up for an afternoon drinking session and their filthy minds soon turn to sticking some hard core porn on the telly. After a few glasses of the hard stuff it’s a case of any hole is a goal. And young Darren is only too willing to oblige - his tight hole gets fingered, spat on and then obliterated by Ste’s massive tool before he deep throats his mate like a fuckin pro.

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New Gay DVD Releases
Triga Films: The Whole Nine Yards - Gay DVD
Triga Films, The Whole Nine Yards

3 Full Filthy Scenes Crammed Into One Juicy Hole Triga DVD 'The Hole 9 Yards'- yes that’s about right when you measure the arseholes of the two lads who get rodgered senseless in this brand new 3 parter. Top lad Baz is the proud owner of one massive donkey cock and his secret weapon- one huge black dildo and he’s got no time for messin’ about with formalities when he gets back from a cheeky week-long sunshine break in Turkey- he’s been grassed up by the neighbors and gets a visit from a Home Office geezer who wants to stick an on the spot fine on him. Baz’s got a better idea- sticking his massive tool where the sun doesn’t shine - right up the geezer’s tight arse. Before you know it the fine’s out the window and tight arse is getting fucked in every possible position you can imagine. Who says working for the government ain’t fun?

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Triga Films: Pitch Invasion - Gay DVD
Triga Films, Rugby Orgy Reboot 18

More like a full-on fuckin’ arse invasion with these four big cocked dirty fuckers. Our two favourite Welsh hotties Flint and M are back in this double-barrelled 2 hour fuck marathon. And you get 2 for the price of one in Match of The Day & Noise Control. Footballer Jamal is practicing his ball skills out on the street when he gets the eye from another lad on his estate Mikey M who’s horny as fuck and fancies a bit of the estates fit as fuck Jamal tackle aimed straight up his tight arse. And he gets the full fucking works: deep throat, arse pounding, rimming and trainer sniffing seeing too. In the second half you get some real Noise Control featuring Dave the guy with the clipboard from the council and Flint who knows how to get himself out of any trouble by opening his gob and dropping his trackies and taking a big fat council cock up his arse. Double trouble and double the fuckin’ fun with this 2 hander Triga fuck fest. Get it now.

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Triga Films: Geezer Cabs - Gay DVD

Triga Films, Geezer Cabs


Billy Essex is back and raring to take you on a real bumpy ride in Geezer Cabs from Triga! Need a taxi? In a rush to meet yer bird or yer mates? Call Geezer Cabs!

It will be service without a smile as you get the ride of your fucking life! Who gives a fuck where you are going - you've fucked him off. Now shut the fuck up and suck his big fucking dick in the back of his Hackney cab!

Fuck the meter, he will charge what the fuck he wants - so just bend over his cab and take it up the arse from a proper fucking geezer.

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Triga Films: Northern Crown Jewels

Triga Films,Northern Crown Jewels


There's more to the North than fish and chips and gravy, as proved in Northern Crown Jewels from Triga. North of the Watford Gap there is a treasure trove of right proper Northern cock!
Meet Bolton Ben at his first audition right through to his first day on the job as a builder who loves a bit of outdoor action, Top dog Stav whacks one out in his black tracksuit and stonking rock hard cock, Bradford Zac leaves the boxing gym and jumps into the director's motor and shows us why his birds dropped a couple of sprogs - fit little cunt!

There's plenty more in store when you open this treasure trove of proper fit lads like only Northern towns can chuck out! Sorted - it's pure Triga, pure British, and nearly two hours of classic British bloke action!

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Triga Films: Probation 1 & 2 - Gay DVD

Triga Films, Probation 1 & 2


Get ready for your after prison punishment in Probation 1 + 2 as Probation officers Billy Essex and Bolton Ben sort our their scally charges once and for all. They are not talking litter picking or road sweeping either.

They mean cock sucking, arse fucking, feet sniffing, and proper hard sweaty filthy hardcore bloke-on-lad payback time! Leon thinks he can get trained up by Billy Essex for free. However, nothing in life is free and after a hard outdoor training session Billy gets horny and starts rubbing his huge fat cock.

When Leon steps out of the shower, there’s only one payback left to do - and that’s to get on his knees and service Billy’s needs! Any holes a goal after all.

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Triga Films: Gas Man Jack and Mates
Triga Films, Gas Man Jack and Mats

You know what's around the corner when summer has not even finished and the heads of utility companies are plotting the annual dreaded price increases on those who can afford them the least.

In Gas Man Jack And Mates, little do the heads of these companies know what their front line workmen are really doing to show the customer that they support them in their hour of need!

Real customer service as the fit workmen have their way with their clients in two hours of classic pure British bloke-on-bloke action that only Triga can produce!

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Triga Fimls: The Wedding Shaggers
Triga Films, The Wedding Shaggers

When you take your bird up the aisle the last thing you expect is to be rodgering the best man a couple of hours later at the reception!

In Wedding Shaggers, bridegroom Brian is all too keen to get hitched on the cheap, which understandably pisses off his fiance no end. So she gets her revenge by heading off with the DJ from the wedding reception!

Poor old Brian - with not a conjugal right in sight he decides his best chance of a wedding night shag is with his best man and his pissed up randy mates!

So begins the filthy mayhem as the lads as suits, ties and formal attire are all tossed aside in favour of tossing and sucking each other off in one almighty five way gangbang! Here cums the bridegroom!

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Triga Films: Van Fuckers Extra Fuel
Triga Films, Van Fuckers Extra Fuel

Van Fuckers: Extra Fuel is 150 minutes of classic British Triga. Get filled right up with this filthy Fuckin n Truckin production.

Those horny van men we see all the time on British streets - swearing, swerving, red light jumping, crotch-scratching cunts most of 'em. They're always in a hurry, cutting you up and speeding down your 20mph zone - and this lot aren't any different!

Filthy fittie Daniel and his mate Jimbo are your typical gob shite van drivers who like nothing more than parking up their battered old transit somewhere quiet for a crafty smoke and seeing if there's any randy lads about to suck their big fat cocks and then take them round to their mates building site for an afternoon orgy.

Our Daniel's got a big load in the back and a few more in his sack ready to dump up some poor unsuspecting lads arse in this all spitting, all pissing Triga classic with bells on! Slam on your brakes - the filthy van man's speeding up your cul-de-sac now!

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Triga Films: Sunday Morning Shag

Triga Films, Sunday Morning Shag


Sunday Morning Shag is a fine release from Triga Films. It's Sunday Morning and you certainly ain't going to church! You've been up all night, horny as fuck and you get an SMS saying I need my arse filling with hard cock mate.

Got a pic? Nice - cum on over. A new SMS - I got another mate and he wants a threeway - wanna see a pic? Yeah he's fit and you get the picture!

I bet you fuckin do and pretty fuckin quickly chav lad Chris's bedroom has got a right fuckin gangbang going down! Triga presents a right fuckin filthy Sunday morning gangbang production with new lads, new chavs and new filth.

Only Triga brings you full on British classic filth like this!


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